NEC IT 5050

NEC Corporation of America offers many great printing devices and multi-purpose printers and copiers that often embed facsimile and scanning features. The NEC IT-5050 is one of these multi-purpose machines that have everything for just about everyone. The NEC IT-5050’s stand out feature is its massive range of copying features. It can copy up to 50 pages per minute and this is an above average per-minute rate. First copy output is less than 3.5 seconds, a better average than most other copiers that can take up to 15 seconds to warm up. Finishing options, negative and positive copies, stacking and sorting and staplers, among other features, are available on the IT-5050.

The printing capabilities of the NEC IT-5050 are equally good with the standard 50 pages per minute for both monochrome and color documents. It offers a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and multiple toner cartridges that ensure a great printing job. The NEC IT-5050 offers networked printing, PostScript-3 emulation and PCL6 and PC and Mac OS. This means that NEC IT-5050 is compatible with all working environments including offices that have a high printer/copying turnout and need a reliable multi-functional machine.

Automatic duplex printing is available and it makes thing further easier for office work. Extended features of the IT-5050 include finishing, booklet and secure printing. Scanning features on NEC’s IT-5050 are also good. Network scanning options include both black and white and colored scans and a full compliance with TIFF, JPEG and PDF files. Scanning to email feature is available on the NEC IT-5050 along with scan-to-FTP and scan-to-SMB features. TWAIN scanning is also available on the IT-5050 along with image enhancer and other facilities to improve the picture quality.

Fax features on the NEC IT-5050 include a 33.6 kbps modem along with JBIG coding and Duplex TX and Duplex IX features. The fax machine supports 11”x 17” TX/RX along with F-code and 100 auto dials. Fax forwarding, stored fax RX and Network faxing options are also available.

The NEC IT-5050 has a generous 40GB built-in hard drive and this offers plenty of space for lager and complex documents. Greater network integration offers document management, document control, network management and other features. The NEC IT-5050 is a powerful device that can easily replace individual copier, fax machine and printer. It offers higher efficiency and relieves offices of spending money on separate machines. The NEC IT-5050 is must for large offices and can also be used in small offices with higher printing/copying needs.

Okidata C5650n

When you think of a laser printer, it is almost always in an office or large company space somewhere. Like most technology, once it has been around a while, the prices become more reasonable and it moves into the reach of ordinary people. The ease of use, good quality prints and decent toner prices combine to make this an worthy proposition for home users who like printing as the usual small business audience.

With a rated duty cycle of 60000 pages a month, it is perfectly adequate for the large workgroup, except it lacks scalability. Other models in the Oki range are better suited to those, like the C6100 or C6200 where more paper capacity can be added as needed. The standard paper capacity with the C5650n is 400 sheets. The drawer holds 300 and the multi-purpose tray a further 100.

The processor is a fast 200Mhz and the memory is 64Mb as standard, which is upgradeable to 320Mb for larger print jobs. There is also the option to upgrade to an automatic duplexer if you need to print double-sided.

Connection is by USB, ethernet or parallel. If you want to network it then you just need to add it to a workgroup router and let it be auto detected. Once the group sees it you can push the drivers to them and it’s ready to go straight away.

It won’t take the C5650n too long to print either, with a rated print speed of 26 pages per minute for mono and 22 for color. The print quality is great when printing text. The 1200 x 600 dpi resolution means that the print is clear and all the edges crisp. Printing graphics or images is where no laser printer is at its best, but this holds its own well with no obvious artifacts or bleeding on our test document.

The printer is easy to install, configure and manage. The starter cartridge is good for 1000 pages, and when it comes time to change, simply lift the lid and pull them out. They are laid out horizontally which makes replacing them much easier than some. Replacement cartridges are good for another 5000 pages, for black and color, which drops the cost per page significantly compared to other devices.

With its ease of use, simple but effective controls and good build quality, the Oki C5650n is a great buy for users who want laser printing at a reasonable cost.