Dell W5300 Laser Printer config page

On the Dell W5300 printer, you can print out a network setup page that gives network information like IP address and DHCP status, as well as network card specs and active protocols.  (This page does not include the printers page count, however.)  To print the network setup page:

- Press the right arrow on the Menu button until "UTILITIES" is displayed on the screen.
- Press the Select button.
- Press the right arrow until "PRINT NET SETUP" is displayed.
- Press Select.

Brother MFC 8440

The Brother MFC-8440 is a monochrome laser multifunction printer that is built to beat the competition, and we must say that it does. It prints at 21 pages per minute at 600 dpi, scans in color at 600 x 2400 dpi, copies as well as it prints, and has a fully feature fax machine that is all the fax you will ever need.

We all know the laser printer market is hot right now and competition is fierce. Multifunction devices really have to be good to stand out, and the features have to be spot on in order to sell. The Brother MFC-8440 succeeds in both aspects and deserves to be considered for any laser printer purchase.

Out of the box the device is simple to install and configure. The toner cartridge fits into the imaging unit and then slides right in to a drawer on the front. The control panel and LCD screen was designed with users in mind, so is intuitive and clear. It walks you through the rest of the setup process with ease. Drivers are also straightforward, walking you through the install and even telling you when to attach the cables.

The user manual is easy to follow and quite comprehensive. There is also further documentation on the driver CD. Technical support is readily available, with further manuals, information, FAQs and drivers available on the Brother website.

The MFC-8440 has the standard 250 sheet paper tray, which can be expanded to 500 with an optional expansion drawer. An automatic document feeder of 50 sheets, a fax with phone book memory, short dials and an intriguing feature that can disperse incoming faxes to clients on a network if you purchase the optional network card. It can also page you when a fax arrives which is a useful feature for faxes intensive offices.

Print quality is good, nice, crisp edges on text and decent image reproduction. At 21 pages per minute it isn’t lightning fast, but respectable enough. The scanner is okay, easy to use, and the lid can move up and down for thicker documents. This adds quite a bit of flexibility when copying or scanning as thick books or magazines are now easy to archive or duplicate.

Running costs are reasonable, with consumables being competitively priced.
A new toner cartridge is currently around $30 and will last a good 6500 pages, while a new drum is around $65 and will keep going up to around 20000 pages.

All in all, this is a product worthy of note and well placed in its target market. It has everything a multifunction device needs, and complete all tasks with ease.

Fiery E 41A configuration page

To print a configuration page from a printer with the Fiery E-41A print controller installed:

- Go to the printers Fiery screen, usually by pressing the Fiery button on the operation panel.  (On a Ricoh Pro C751EX, for example, the Fiery button is located toward the bottom of the operation panel, with the Copy and Document Server buttons.)
- When the Fiery screen appears, touch the Fiery logo along the top.
- Select Printable Info.
- Select Configuration.
- When asked to confirm your choice, select OK.

Kyocera Mita FS C5016N status page

The configuration page for a Kyocera printer is called a status page, and it shows a lot of information about the printer, typically including the page count and network settings.  To print a status page from a Kyocera FS-C5016N, follow the procedure detailed on page 3-17 of the operation guide, and also described below:

- Press the Menu button
- Scroll down to Print Status Page
- Press the Enter button
- "?" will be displayed -- press the Enter button again

User manuals for this model:
- Installation guide
- Quick reference guide
- Operation guide
- KX Driver user guide

Ricoh Aficio MP 3500 MP 4500 page count

To view the page count on an MP 3500 or MP 4500, press the User Tools/Counter button, then touch Counter on the screen.

Konica Minolta Di201

The Konica Minolta Di2010 is another good, solid printer from the Konica range. It continues the trend of modular construction that allows the buyer to specify almost every option of the machine, right down to the type of print controller it uses.

This is a monochrome laser printer that can output up to 20 pages per minute day after day, week after week. Print quality is good in the default 600 dpi resolution. Monochrome blacks and grays are clear and well formed with the print controller using each of the 256 shades to great effect. There was no bleed or jagged edges on large text or images in any of our tests which used our standard 24 page test document with text, graphs and photos. It is designed to really put these machines though their paces.

The LCD screen and controls are simple and easy to use, with the screen being tiltable, and having a full QWERTY keyboard to boot. The screen is backlit and clear, with the ability to tilt it depending on height and sunlight. This is a neat touch and adds freedom of access for wheelchairs.

The upgrade options include optional duplexer, extra paper trays to take the total to 4000 sheets, document finisher, hard drive, memory upgrades, network scanner, print controller, auto reversing document feeder, and many more. This really is a tunable machine, which means it can grow with the office.

Once the machine is configured and installed it should give you no problems for a long time. The build quality is top-notch with everything feeling solid and durable. The paper trays are strong, and there are no flappy bits of flimsy pieces of plastic to be broken off. Konica have a reputation for reliability, which makes the after-sales service something of an unknown quantity. We have heard nothing negative from long term users so we imagine it’s all good.

The reasonable cost of the machine along with the low cost per page makes the Di2010 a good choice for the small business. With fast printing and good quality results, this is a great addition to the Minolta range.

Konica 7022

The Konica 7022 is the latest copier in its collection and is ideal for small offices where printing needs are not extravagant. It is extremely affordable and has the ability to print up to 22 pages per minute and is manufactured for workgroup environments. It prints at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi with the ability to print a lot of copies with the help of a single button. It has many other features which make this copier very easy to use. For example, the touch screen on the copier allows the user to easily access all the features of the copier such as scan to hard drive, scan to email and even a scan to FTP option.

It has a network interface card, an optional PostScriptS3 kit and an up-to-date FK-102 Super G3 fax kit. The Konica 7022 has one of a kind print driver application such as the Stamp and the Watermark options for the user. The optional memory can be upgraded, there is a document feeder and also print controllers as well as a fax kit which enables further features to meet business needs. The machine takes about 30 seconds or less to warm up and the copy takes about five seconds. The standard memory is of 32MB while the maximum can be of 288 MB. It has the capacity to hold up to 2,550 sheets and has an automatic duplex. The standard two trays can hold up to 1100 sheets, the three tray option can hold up to 800 sheets while the four tray option can hold up to 400 sheets.

The other features of the Konica 7022 are job memory, image shift, OHP Interleave, frame and folding, book copy, AMS, ECM, ATS, APS and stamp and watermark integration. The fax memory is of 2MB which can be increased to 16 MB. It has internet fax and the machine weighs about 72kg. Due to its size it will be perfect for offices and businesses where it is always busy and the employees require a reasonable amount of printing, faxing and other services from machines like these. This machine has had a lot of good reviews from customers online and it still considered being the first option for many companies. The toner yield for the Konica 7022 is 30,000 impressions. It is a high performance machine which is completely networkable and is a 4 in 1 MFP delivering high quality results. It is perfect to use for small or medium sized working environments.

Canon ImageCLASS D860

This printer is highly suitable for home use as it offers easy set up and simple usage which doesn’t require the help of network geeks to get it running.

The Canon ImageCLASS D860 is a laser printer which has a good turn of speed at 16 papers per minute. This printer provides black and white printing as well as color printing, both at 600 x 600 dpi. It consists of a total of 600 sheet capacity which includes 150 sheets at the front loading cassette, 100 sheet multipurpose tray and 30 sheets for the automatic document feeder.

This printer allows media types of various kinds which includes bond, plain paper, color paper, envelopes, transparencies and labels. It allows media size of 8.5in x 14in which matches the requirements of all levels office stationery. It hardly ever jammed during our time with it as it has been especially designed to work smoothly and reliably, with the minimum of fuss.

Its printer cartridges are inexpensive especially from after-market providers. These cartridges are made with the best quality materials and therefore they continue to function properly for a long time, just like Canon branded ones. They have a long shelf-life and are also easily available unlike some others cartridges for other brands.

This printer has a single cartridge system which enables it to offer the best quality printing. The printer is easy to set up as the cartridges and toners are already fitted when the device is delivered. You only have to connect it to the PC which happens with a few clicks and less than 5 minutes.

This easy to set up printer is also easy in use and does not require any guidance from a printer specialist. The buttons are clearly labeled and a single front button is used for turning it on and off, therefore it is simple to understand its usage and functioning.

This printer comes along with power cord, output tray, destination labels, software CD-ROM, and L50S starter cartridge. It also provides a warranty documentation according to which it has a total warranty of 3 years.

Konica Minolta MagiColor 2300DL

The Konica Minolta MagiColor 2300DL is still going strong after many years in production. Before it came along, consumers had three choices. Either spend money on an inkjet for decent color output, a mono laser and do without color, or save up and spend a considerable amount on a color laser printer. The 2300DL is the ideal middle ground. It offers good quality printing at a remarkably reasonable price.

It comes with an Ethernet port as standard for sharing on the network, which makes for a very flexible package. To add to flexibility, there is the option of adding a duplexer, a second paper cassette and even a copying and scanning unit to the 2300DL to make it a multifunction.

There is a 200 sheet capacity paper drawer and a 10 sheet manual feed slot.

This printer will work straight out of the box. Installation is a breeze and will have you up and running in minutes rather than the hours some printers take. The package contains everything needed to print different sized documents on differing media. The straight out of the box line was no exaggeration either. The toner cartridges are pre-installed so there is no fiddling around there.

The starter cartridges are good for around 3000 pages, and the replacements 4500. This model uses a drum which is a departure, as other models used an integrated cartridge/drum all in one. Luckily replacements have a duty cycle of 45000 sheets before needing a change.

The print speed isn’t the fastest on the market at an average of 15 pages per minute for a mixed document of color and mono. However, the print quality is what makes this printer something special.

The polymerized toner gives everything a nice sheen when it’s printed. All text and images were sharp, precise and evenly toned. Even a photograph, which gives so many laser printers pause, came out looking great. Almost as good as an inkjet could produce.

While not the fastest printer, the 2300DL produces prints of such quality as to make it well worth the cost. A color laser printer that produces images almost as good as a decent inkjet isn’t to be sniffed at.

Lanier LD 045

After a thorough search of printers I was able to find the one I needed. The Lanier LD-045 had all the features and specifications that I required and most importantly its durability and reliability attracted me towards this purchase.

Working from the past 10 years I have used a number of printing machines but unfortunately none of them worked for long and gave me problems from time to time. After purchasing the Lanier LD-045 I relaxed because it didn’t have any kind of operating issues and I was amazed at its document quality. The Lanier LD-045 with its useful features and specifications proved to be best printer I have ever purchased.

This high performance machine is a black and white laser printer with maximum 600 x 600 dpi and works quickly and efficiently. With its high speed prints I always completed my assignments on time and presented the high or superior quality documents to my seniors without hesitation and without needing to check them for quality. With my poor experience of using many other printers I have found Lanier’s LD-045 to be the most suitable one for my personal use.

The recommended driver with the Lanier LD-045 is Pxlmono Lanier.
This quality and fast laser printer requires the use of black ink cartridge and provides clear and neat results with no blurry text and images. You can easily set up the machine by simply following the instructions upon its arrival or delivery. The buttons and functions of the machine are also clearly stated so that the users don’t have any issues while operating it. With all the latest and best features and specifications, the Lanier LD-045 allows anyone to use it even if they don’t have the knowledge or know how of operating a printer.

Upon the arrival of the Lanier LD-045, I printed some of the images and text documents to check the results and I was surprised by the picture and text quality. With this less expensive and reasonable priced printer, I was pleasantly surprised at the results it produced. The text was so clear and I was able to read it clearly and the pictures also came out nicely with no dark or blurry areas. I have been using this printer for my college work and the exceptional results have made this purchase worthwhile. Having used many expensive printers before, I would never have thought that something like the Lanier LD-045 at such a reasonable price can produce such high quality prints.

HP Color LaserJet 2840 configuration page

To print a self test/configuration page from a Color LaserJet 2840:

- Press the Menu button
- Press the right or left arrow buttons until "Reports" appears on the screen
- Press the Enter button
- Scroll to the right or left until "Config Report" is displayed
- Press Enter

The self test/configuration page gives a lot of data about the printer, but it doesnt show the printers page count.  To see the page count, youll have to print out a usage page instead of the configuration page.

Ricoh Aficio 3224c configuration page

To print a configuration page from a Ricoh 3224c with printing capability:

- Press the User Tools/Counter button
- Select Printer Features on the touch screen
- Select Configuration Page

Brother MFC 9325CW page count

On the MFC-9325CW, you can view the printers total page count on the screen, without having to print anything out.  To see the page count:

- Press the Menu button
- Press 8 for Machine Info.
- Press 2 for Page Counter

Ricoh Aficio MP 3025 MP 3030 configuration page

To print a configuration page from a Ricoh 3025 or 3030 with printing capability:

- Press the User Tools/Counter button
- Select Printer Features on the touch screen
- Select Configuration Page

HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw Printer Review

If you need a professional color printer that is kind to the environment and to your pocket, HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw is the right choice to make. It will deliver high quality images that would satisfy even the pickiest marketer who takes pride in delivering only colorful materials. The printer can be connected to the Internet and that’s why it is suitable for working environments. People can use it regardless of their location. The design looks really elegant because of its round edges in spite of its dimensions of 15.7 x 17.8 x 10 inches and 40 pounds weight.
HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw can be connected wirelessly to the internet or through an Ethernet port, thus making it possible for employees to print from any system that has the HP ePrint software installed. It’s easy to set up the printer and once you do that, you will enjoy a wide range of tools and you can also calculate the cost per print. It comes with a built-in server that is protected by a password. You can disable or enable parts of the network as you like.  In order to optimize the speed and quality of the prints, you can pre-configure shortcuts according to your needs.
A great advantage of this printer is its ability to stretch the duty cycle from 250-1000 pages up to 30k pages. This can come in-handy for those organizations that need to print large volumes of work regularly. Apart from that, the resolution of 600x600 dpi and the HP ImageREt 3600 technology will make a difference when it comes to print clarity regardless of the printing mode (black or color). It operates at a speed of 12 letter A sized black and white pages per minute and 8 colored sheets of the same dimensions.
This model has a CPU that runs at a speed of 600 MHz and a memory of 128 MB that can easily be upgraded to 384 MB. It’s a very quiet printer because the acoustic level doesn’t surpass 48 dB so that you are not annoyed by noises. The input tray located at the bottom of the device can’t hold more than 150 pages and the output that has a middle-top position won’t carry more than 125 pages. You can print docs of sizes between 3 x 5 inches and 8.5 x 14 inches.  PCL5, PCL 6 and PostScript 3 are the only languages that this printer recognizes. Because it has a DIMM system, the memory will be modified to 25MB with 144-pin DIMMs if you decide to upgrade.
Although the resolution of the screen could be improved, the 2-line LCD with 16-character display does its job perfectly. The CPU makes it possible for the HP’s Color LaserJet CP1525nw device to print at an amazing speed of 20 pages per minute. However, this value varies depending on how complex the document is. If you are into multitasking and want an affordable device that won’t break down soon, this model is perfect for you.
If you are working in graphic design, HP Color LaserJet CP1525nw isn’t the best choice for you because there are other printers out there with a resolution higher than 600x600 dpi. Photographers won’t like this resolution either. It consumes 295 watts but this is not a big inconvenience if you consider its capabilities. However, this model doesn’t come with built-in fax and copy features which could be useful for business users who fax documents on a regular basis.


Ricoh C411dn

The Ricoh C411dn is a laser color printer that has a combination of features designed to maximize its potential for medium office use. It is a work group printer that promises great quality at a great price. Its 1200dpi resolution is what renders it a quality machine regardless of the quantity. Great speed, great performance and a great appearance are what you can expect when purchasing the Ricoh C411dn laser printer.

Like most printers of the same ilk, its main features include a 550 sheet paper tray, USB and Ethernet ports and a print driver that can read a wide range of languages for instance PDF Direct, Adobe PostScript3, PCL 6, PCL 5c, Ricoh RPCS, and up to 136 PostScript as well as 45 PCL fonts and thirteen International fonts. This tremendously expands the network of users who can benefit from the Ricoh C411dn laser color printer.

Anyone who works in an office knows speed is as important as the quality of prints. The Ricoh C411dn addresses this need and offers 31 pages per minute after warming up. To keep the inflow of paper smooth, the input tray can stock up to 550 sheets of any kind including envelopes, thick and glossy papers, cards, as well as recycled papers which are all suitable media to be used for taking prints by this machine. As many as 500 final prints can be stored in the output tray before taking them out for finishing touches.

The USB and Ethernet portals allow networking in a work place rendering this machine highly suitable for work group printing. The Ricoh C411dn printer chassis has dual compartments for toners to prevent possible user hindrances. Through electrographic technology employed in this machine, the images, pictures, text as well as diagram all come out tremendously realistic with greatly defined edges and detailing with least or no banding at all. Moreover for dual side printing, the Ricoh C411dn has an in built system to allow for automatic duplexing.

In a workplace, this printer produces great results with a highly professional look. The paper stays straight throughout the process and comes out crisp after the printing is done. Minimizing time and allowing multiple printing possibilities make the Ricoh C411dn a highly economical choice for any small office or business that requires moderate printing on a regular basis.

Ricoh Pro C550EX Pro C700EX configuration page

To print a configuration page from a Ricoh C550EX or C700EX with printing capability:

- Press User Tools/Counter
- Select Printer Features
- Select Configuration Page

Brother MFC 9970CDW Printer Review

The all-in-one Brother MFC-9970CDW will save you not only time, but money and space as well. You will be able to get any tasks done fast using the print, copy, and scan capabilities of this machine. There is also a touch screen control panel feature that will save more time and effort on your part. You can even print or scan your work from a USB flash drive, which a lot of businesses seem to need to have this option nowadays. This printer will provide your office with the efficiency it’s looking for, at a price that won’t break the bank.  Overall, your small or medium sized business with low to moderate print, scan, or copy needs will be well suited with this machine.

The Brother MFC-9970CDW weighs about 63 pounds and has dimensions of 20.9 inches high x 19.3 inches wide x 20.7 inches deep. It would be well suited for an area or room nearby, so that it won’t be in the way near any workstations. The printer can fit easily on a table or large desk. Two people will probably have to carry it and set it up due to its larger size.
Duplexing is standard on this model. This feature allows for work to be printed on both sides of the paper. You can save costs on purchasing paper and will give your company a ‘greener’ edge over competitors at the same time.   The scanner is also duplex-ready, and can read both sides at once.
The printer has a display that is a 5” color touch control panel. This makes selecting your options extremely quick and simple.
Wireless connectivity is another great feature included on this model. This makes it easy and quick for both users and guests to do the jobs they need.
30 pages per minute is the printing speed of this machine. It prints just as quickly whether doing black & white or color. Even the largest printing jobs can get done just as fast.
Cost-per-page for black & white is 2.7 cents and color is 13 cents.
The paper tray holds up to 250 sheets, and an ADF (automatic document feeder) has the capacity of 50 sheets. If there are larger printing needs, there is an optional tray you can purchase that holds 500 sheets, making the total capacity 800.
While the text quality of this printer is outstanding, the graphics and photo quality falls a bit short. If you are going to be printing a lot of images, this is probably not the printer for you.
Considering the fact that the paper capacity of this printer is on the smaller side while the speed is quite high, you will be running through a lot of paper very quickly. This means it can get quite bothersome to constantly have to be refilling the paper tray.  

Sharp MX 3610N page count

To view the page counts for an MX-3610N copier:

- Press the Home button on the copiers operation panel.
- On the touch screen, select Settings.
- Select System Settings on the left side.

The black and color total page counts will be displayed on the screen.

Konica Minolta bizhub 361 421 501 page count

To view the total page count on-screen for a bizhub 361, bizhub 421, or bizhub 501, press the Utility/Counter button on the copiers operation panel.  The page count will be displayed -- if its not, select Meter Count on the screen.

Dell Laser MFP 1815dn configuration page

To print a configuration page (also called system data report) from a Dell Laser MFP 1815dn printer:

- Press the right arrow button until Menu is the active choice on the screen
- Press the check mark button to select it
- Press the right arrow button until Reports is the active choice
- Press the check mark button
- Press the right arrow button until System Data is the active choice
- Press the check mark button

Kyocera Mita KM 5050

The Kyocera Mita KM-5050 is an ideal addition in your home or office with its extensive features that are essential for performing your assignments and allowing you to easily manage and fulfill your official as well as personal needs. This machine has the capacity to handle all kinds of official demands and proved to be the best printer choice I have ever made. After changing two printers that were not efficient and could not handle the large paper volumes I purchased the Kyocera Mita KM-5050 on my friend’s suggestion and also after reviewing its features and functions.

The Kyocera Mita KM-5050 is a multifunction printer and is also a copier and scanner and with the laser monochrome printing technology it is able to produce exceptional quality results. The Kyocera Mita KM-5050 is perfect for you if you want the ultimate quality, speed, durability and reliability. This all in one machine had made my work simpler and easier, and its extensive functions allowed me to complete and fulfill my official demands and requirements. The maximum copying speed of this all in one machine is up to 50 pages per minute and maximum copying resolution is up to 600 x 600 dpi.

I can print on the plain paper as well as on envelopes and the text, graphics or images I print are so clear and easy to read and really stand out. The quality results of the high performance machine make it no less than the more expensive printers. The standard and maximum media capacity of the Kyocera Mita KM-5050 is 1200 and 1200 sheets respectively. This printer has high capacity and other than just printing it can also perform excellent copying and scanning functions and produces the same quality results as printing. With the exceptional features of the Kyocera Mita KM-5050, it uses less toner and avoids ink and paper wastage.

The Kyocera Mita KM-5050 comes with PC connection, its bypass feeder capacity is 200 sheets where as the output tray capacity is 250 sheets. The available PC connection includes parallel, hi speed USB, Ethernet 10 base-T/100 base-TX. The Kyocera Mita KM-5050 fulfilled my official demands and also saved me money, time and space if I would have bought three different machines for each function or purpose. The machine was easy to set up and I was able to do it myself without taking help from anyone one else just by reading the simple set up instructions.

Apple Color StyleWriter 4100 4500 test page

To print a test page from a Color StyleWriter 4100 or 4500, Apple says to:

- With the printer on, hold down the Power button
- Press the Resume button
- Let go of the Power button

HP OfficeJet 7210

The HP Office Jet 7210 is an all in one printer with printing, faxing, scanning and copying capabilities. The main good reviews and plus points of this machine is that it is networkable, compact and has exceptional performance. The scanner mechanism can be found to be a bit noisy but otherwise this printer is very user friendly and performs brilliantly. It has easy step by step set up instructions by following the screen prompts and it even comes with a document feeder and two sided printing features. It is perfect to use for business communications by using speed, color and versatility.

The HP OfficeJet 7210 can print up to 30 pages per minute. It has a copying speed of 30 pages per minute in mono and 20 copies per minute in color. It decreases and increases 25% to 400% of the original text document. It has a scan resolution of 2,400 x 4,800 dpi when printing from a computer. It has laser quality black text and color can be added for photos with precise details by purchasing 99 photo inkjet print cartridge.

The machine has a built-in 802.3 Ethernet, a USB, and PicBridge interfaces which are PC and Mac compatible. The user is able to navigate through the HP Director Software without any hassles as all the options are right there in front of you enabling you to scan, copy, fax or unload images from a digital camera or memory card. You can also use this software to view the HP Gallery in order to look at, change and manage the images on your computer.

It has a 50 page automatic document feeder and optional automatic duplexer. You will be able to print photos with a PC with the help of memory card slots such as Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, Secure Digital/Multi Media/ Secure Multi Media and xD-Picture Card. With the help of the HP Image Zone Software users are able to organize, enhance and make changes to digital photos too.

It has built-in networking so users are able to easily share print, fax, scan and copy functions with five computers. What more could you ask for from a machine when it does all the work for you in a professional and timely manner. You can make professional color copies from books, pictures, 3D objects and much more without the help of a computer. With HP Instant Share you can also send pictures without large email attachments.

Samsung CLP 610nd

For those who really do have to print in color, the market has enough to choose from now that you don’t automatically have to go for the cheapest one any more. The Samsung CLP-610nd is a full duplex color laser printer that is well worth the extra hundred dollars or so to purchase.

The CLP-610nd is relatively quick for a lower end laser, and comes with a duplexer for double sided printing. Cost conscious companies will like the potential cost saving of double sided printing here. This machine could pay for itself over a couple of years.

As an added bonus, this printer ships with standard cartridges. Most of the time, new printers come with a half toner or in some cases less than that. The CLP-610nd comes with three full-size toner cartridges to get you started, which is another reason why this printer is such good value.

Setting up is easy, merely insert the four cartridges, plug it in, install the drivers then plug it in. There is a network port built in, so it is easy to install into an office network or workgroup. Just remember to assign it a static IP address in order for everyone to be able to see it.

The standard paper tray can hold 250 sheets, and there is also a multipurpose tray which is good for 100. An optional 500 sheet tray is also available if you need more. The built in 128Mb memory is plenty enough for most uses, but is also expandable to 384Mb for busier environments.

Performance is good, with an average print speed of 21 pages per minute for both color and monochrome. Warm up time was a little longer at 44 seconds, but isn’t outrageous for a color printer. Print resolution is a standard 600 dpi, which can be interpolated up to 2400 x 600 dpi for higher detail work. Text and image printing are both good, with text being well spaced, detailed and straight all the way down to 3pt. Charts were also well done, colors were even and accurate, which is ideal for office use.

If you’re considering buying a color laser printer but are worried about the cost of ownership, the CLP-610nd is well worth a look. A reasonable purchase price, cheap consumables that last a decent amount of time, and ease of ownership makes this printer a strong contender in the small office market.

Ricoh Aficio MP C2051 MP C2551 configuration page

On MP C2051 or C2551 copiers that have printing capability, you can print out a configuration page that shows an overview of the copiers network settings and print settings, as well as the color, black and white, and total page counts.  To print the configuration page:

- Press the User Tools/Counter button.
- On the screen, select Printer Features.
- Select Configuration Page.

Canon imageClass D760 config page

The closest thing the Canon imageCLASS D760 has to a configuration page is the users data list.  This list shows many of the machines settings, as well as the total amount of memory.  To print the user data list:

- Press the Additional Functions button.
- Scroll to the right until "5. PRINT LISTS" is displayed.
- Press the Set button.
- "1. USER DATA" is displayed; press Set.

The machine will exit out of the menu and return to the ready screen, and the users data list will print out shortly.

Sharp MX B402SC configuration page

To print the system status page report and configuration report on a Sharp MX-B402SC:

- Press the System Settings button
- Select List Print (User) on the touch screen
- Touch the down arrow box next to "Printer Test Page"
- Select NIC Page
- Select Print to the right of the drop down box

Lexmark E230 E232 E234 E238 configuration page

The configuration page for the Lexmark E230, E232, E234, and E238 laser printers consists of a menu settings page (which includes many of the printers settings and features) and a network setup page (which gives details about the printers network configuration).

To print the menu settings page and network setup page, press and release the Continue button on the front of the printer (the big button at the top with a diamond on it).

Brother MFC 8890DW

The Brother MFC-8890DW is an all in one machine, allowing the user to do all the scanning, printing, copying and faxing on one piece of equipment, saving costs and more importantly, workspace. This is a relatively newer model in the MFC series. A stand out advantage of this machine is the ease with which you can produce your documents in different styles. No more manual flipping of pages with the MFC-8890DW laser printer.

The MFC-8890 DW saves a lot of paper with its duplex ability. This newer model in the laser printer category allows producing two-sided printing and scanning, unlike the older makes that have duplex only for printing. The machine has a built in automatic system of document adjustments, allowing the user to produce what they need without having to leave their seat at all. The machine is wireless, a feature that I prefer in each type of office equipment. However, it can be wired to different systems when required.

The manufacturer claims a printing speed of thirty two pages per minute but practically it is slightly less than that. I personally prefer the quality of prints that the machine produces over lesser speed as the resolution is great with all the prints and scans that I do. The print resolution given by the Brother MFC-8890DW is approximately 1200 x 1200 dots per inch. The fax option that comes in with the printer is also one of the reasons to go for Brother MFC-8890DW. The fax machine in the system is easy to operate and there is not a lot of hassle involved with faxing.

The Brother MFC-8890DW functions well over a network with both wireless and wired networking options available. The transfer rate is fairly swift over the network. The machine has the option of color scanning over the network, a feature not very common in multi-task printers. The paper storing capacity is up to 300 sheets, which is sufficient if you’re a small team using the machine, otherwise you may have to feed paper frequently. This is not an issue frankly, as a lot depends on the nature of work we have to do.

There is a fair amount of software installation that I had to do before the machine started functioning. This is a slight drawback for those who are not good with such things.
Otherwise, Brother MFC-8890DW is enough for all my printing, scanning, faxing and copying needs at the workplace as well as having the added bonus of being really efficient with toner usage, so it is not an expensive unit to keep.

HP Color LaserJet 3800 demo page

To print a demo page from a Color LaserJet 3800 and check the color density and image quality:

- Press the down arrow button to bring up the menu, and keep pressing it until "INFORMATION" is the active option on the screen.
- Press the Select button (the green button with the check mark).
- Press the down arrow button until "PRINT DEMO" appears on the screen.
- Press Select.

Sharp AR M550U page count

To see the page count for a Sharp AR-M550U, press and hold the Copy button.  The page count, along with the amount of toner remaining, will be displayed on the screen.

Brother MFC 9440CN

The Brother MFC-9440CN is another winning machine from the Brother stable. With a brand name synonymous with quality, it’s bound to offer something for every occasion.
Brother isn’t often the first name you think of when shopping for printers, but it is a big name in the small business market. The company has a few printers out there at the moment, and they are all good quality, reliable machines.

The MFC-9440CN is no different. It is a full color multifunction device that offers printing, copying, scanning and faxing, all from one convenient chassis. While not the smallest device in the world. It is stuffed full of features, and contains just about everything the small business needs.

The control panel is simple and straightforward, taking only a minute or two to orient yourself. The panel is divided up into functions which makes it easy to navigate, and prevents confusion when using more than one function. The two copier buttons, one for monochrome and the other for color was a nice touch, and makes selection about as easy as it can get.

Printing and copying is of good quality. Reproduction during testing was accurate and sharp. Edge details were crisp with no bleeding, even on the largest text. Image reproduction was also good with no banding on black and white images, and accurate color reproduction on full color images.

Print speed is also good with a rating of 22 pages per minute for monochrome printing and copying and 17 pages per minute for color. The scanner is decent and can be used from in front of the machine or the desktop. The included software allows for decent editing before and after scanning and is an excellent addition to the suite.

Toners are easy to replace, and there is even an ecology mode to allow for savings wherever possible. The single pass technology that brother uses, not only permits the high page per minute rate, but also offers savings on toner use. Standard cartridges are good for 5000 sheets in black, and 4000 in color.

Connecting and configuring the MFC-9440CN is pretty straightforward. It can be connected via network or USB and is easy to set up. The drivers and user manual are complete and easy to use.

This is a solid device for the small business. It is fully featured enough to offer the flexibility that a business needs while the cost of ownership is low enough to make it an attractive proposition. The running costs are also attractively low, with toners costing less than competitors, and the ecology mode saving as much as possible during use.


Brother MFC 8840D

The Brother MFC-8840D is the duplex variant of the MFC-8840. It has all the same features like the 20 page per minute monochrome printing, copying, scanning and fax, with the added bonus of automatic duplexing.

The MFC-8840D is a fully featured multifunction device that offers nothing new to the genre, but is a good enough performer to warrant a review. It provides printing, scanning, copying and faxing as per all the other true multifunction devices out there, but it does something that most of its competitors don’t. It performs all functions well.

Often when purchasing a multifunction there is an inherent knowledge that there is a compromise somewhere. To get the benefits of four functions in one chassis, something has to give. An average scanner, basic functions or resolutions of high toner use are typical symptoms of this. But, with the MFC-8840D there are no compromises, the device does exactly what it promises.

The laser printer outputs mono at 21 pages per minute at a maximum resolution of 2400 x 600 dpi. It is fed by a 250 paper tray, which can be expanded to 500. There is also a single sheet multipurpose tray and an automatic document feeder on top. The MFC-8840D supports the usual printer languages, PCL 6 and BR-Script which is Brothers version of PostScript. This enables the device to work with any operating system with the correct drivers.

The fax can function as a standalone fax machine, or as a PC operated one. There is enough memory to record up to 600 faxes, which is also expandable for heavy users. The standard is 32Mb, but this can be stretched to 160Mb by purchasing a larger DIMM.

The scanner can use either the automatic document feeder, or the single sheet glass. It works on resolutions up to 600 x 2400 dpi and produced credible scans. Not many of us use them anymore, but having a decent scanner on hand can be a good thing sometimes.

Running costs are modest, the MFC-8840D has a power saving mode, toner saving mode and seems pretty efficient. Toner itself is reasonably priced, with a high yield cartridge having a 6500 age capacity and costing a little under $30. Replacement drums are just as cost effective at $65, and will last for 20000 pages.

For a small workgroup that has medium to low printing demands this is an ideal device. It’s cheap to buy, cheap to run and produces documents of a quality much higher than the cost.

Ricoh Aficio MP 2352 MP 2852 MP 3352 page count

To view the page count for an MP 2352, MP 2852, or MP 3352:

- Press User Tools/Counter
- Touch Counter on the screen

Toshiba E Studio 170F

The Toshiba E-Studio 170F is a variation of the theme of multifunction devices that offer printing, copying faxing and scanning, all in one machine. The main difference with this one is that the fax seems to be the primary function rather than printing or copying. Traditionally, multifunction’s have printed or copied first, then scanned, then faxed. With the E-Studio 170F, fax comes first.

For its relatively modest size, the 170F is fully featured. It’s Super G3 modem can send faxes at a rate of one every 2-3 seconds and has enough memory to remember around 100 of them if you run out of paper. There is a full fax control panel, with complete dialing face, feature buttons and a clearly delineated section for each function. The menu system is fluid and understandable, while the small LCD screen tells you all you need to know.

The E-Studio 170F can print and copy at 17 pages per minute, and the output isn’t that of an afterthought printer. The finish is good, especially text only prints, whose results are clear and crisp. The device struggles a bit with images, as most laser printers do, but the results are still acceptable for most situations.

The scanner is a fast and capable device that makes short work of even the longest documents. It can scan and fax across a network through a connected computer and reproduces them accurately.

Setup is simple, simply connect it via USB, switch it on and get working. The drivers are simple and take no time at all to install. There is no networking feature, but USB is quick enough for most SOHO users, which is where the E-Studio 170F is pitched.

The E-Studio 170F is a small, hardworking multifunction aimed at users with modest needs. Everything it can do, it does well. Coupled with a reasonable purchase price and economical running costs, this is an excellent choice for low volume users.

Canon imageRUNNER 3045 page count

To see the total counter for a Canon imageRUNNER 3045 copier, press the Counter Check button.  The page count will be displayed on the screen.

HP Color LaserJet 3800

Buying the HP Color LaserJet 3800 had been one of the best purchases of my life. I am a business woman and I do my business from home. When I needed a laser printer for my work, I was perplexed as what to buy because I had not known then which of the products was best in use. As suggested by some friends in the know, I bought this amazing machine which has proved to be useful and unique in its outstanding functions and features.

This laser printer has superb color quality as well as advanced toner technology which enables it to form great colors with extraordinary quality. It also features networking tools and managements tools because of which it has become easier for me to connect it to the systems of my workers and secretary. Its fast speed is something I am extremely happy with. It does the work so quickly that it is almost unbelievable. It can print about 22 color or black and white prints in just a single minute which according to me is really fast.

I have been using it for the last seven months now and I am glad to mention here that in the past seven months there has been not a single time when I have found any error in or any kind of occurrence of malfunction. It has never even jammed and has always worked in the best way.

Some of my workers are not so capable to understand the monitoring of such machines but this printer is so easy to use and has such an easy way of functioning that almost anyone can operate it. Even my 9 year old son knows how to operate it. Other machines that I have seen are so complicated that they may take days to be able to be operated easily. Therefore this is one of its main characteristics that it is easy and simple to use.

This workgroup printer comes with a warranty of one year but I am sure there would be no such problems to use the warranty. Its size is really suitable, it is neither too large nor too small thus it can be placed even on the working desk for easy approach. The printer is silent in the standby mode while in the operating mode it does make just a little sound, so over all it is not noisy at all.

Samsung ML 2525W Printer Review

If you are looking for a printer to use at home, Samsung ML-2525W is perfect for you because of its wireless capability and above average performances. Although it’s not the fastest printer in the world, it still performs better than similar devices in this price range.
The older model ML-2525 couldn’t offer you the possibility to get rid of cumbersome USB wires. This device on the other hand solved this problem for you. Thankfully, you will maintain your house neat without unaesthetic cables lying in the middle of the room.
The one touch printing feature could be this device’s secret weapon that urges many people to take the money out of their pockets and make a purchase. You literally press a button on the control panel and your desktop screen is quickly printed out. Still, it’s necessary to pass about 9 seconds between the moment when you press the Print Screen button and the one when you get your print. This is absolutely normal because it takes a bit to process the information. Other printers have a longer first page out time. If you need to print only a section of a larger doc you can hold the same button down for 2 seconds and the print active window will appear to input the necessary commands.
This model could be used in home offices too, because it comes with a large paper drawer which is perfect for a relatively big volume of work. We are talking about 250 sheets paper chamber and an extra multipurpose space where you put special media like envelopes, card stock or even transparencies.
Another feature that could come in handy in a home office is the software AnyWeb which comes along with the device. This was designed to help you print data directly from the web or store it in digital formats (PDF and TIFF) for later. What’s unique about this software e is that you don’t need to crop or resize the data when you need to print it in that very moment. Simply drag & drop it in the software’s blank page and hit the print button.
As you learnt in the first paragraph, Samsung ML-2525W doesn’t perform amazingly in terms of printing speed. The rate of 24 letter size or A4 pages can be considered to be average, but if we take a look at its overall performances we will notice significant improvements since the ML-1910 and ML-1915 models were launched. Well, nothing’s perfect and this model is no exception. If you are a speed junkie you should probably choose something else.


Ricoh Aficio MP C3500 MP C4500 configuration page

To print a config page from a Ricoh C3500 or C4500 with the printer option installed:

- Press User Tools/Counter
- Select Printer Features on the touch screen
- Select Configuration Page

Ricoh Aficio 1060 1075 page count

To view the total page count for a Ricoh 1060 or 1075 copier:

- Press the User Tools/Counter button.
- On the touch screen, select Counter.

Canon PC6RE

Canon is one of the biggest names in the imaging industry. Famous for its cameras and printers, the company has built a reputation on the quality and reliability of its products.

The Canon PC6RE is a desktop laser copier aimed at the home market, hence the PC in the name. Small businesses could also benefit from it, but it isn’t really aimed at heavy users. It has been marketed as a high volume personal copier that can handle up to 99 copies per run, which seems standard really. The high yield, as mentioned is for a person, not a business so don’t go buying one of these thinking for it to serve a workgroup or busy office.

Setup of the PC6RE is about as quick and easy as it gets. Simply unpack, clip on the output tray, insert the toner and off you go.

Copy quality is good, certainly good enough for home use. The 600 dpi print driver produces text that is crisp and black. Images and diagrams are equally well copied, with grayscale showing minimal interference and good toner coverage. Copies are true to the originals and would be perfectly acceptable in a business environment.

There are the standard features a copier should have, like an output tray, multiple copies of up to 99 per run, resizing options as well as the functions to change the tone and brightness of the output. There is a simple control panel with buttons for each function and a simple LCD screen to tell you what you have ordered.

Consumables are reasonably priced considering this is a laser copier. The toner is will set you back around $60. That’s pretty good for laser toner, seeing as it will last a good 3000 pages. A simple clip allows users to quickly change out toner, keeping downtime to a minimum. In fact, toner replacement was the cornerstone of the advertising campaign run by Canon at the time.

The PC6RE is a solid home copier that will serve you well for normal use. With the Canon name on the box, you can be reasonably sure of the quality of the product, as well as the after-sales support and longevity. All-in-all this is a great purchase for the home user.

How to print a configuration page from a Source Technologies printer

Source Technologies printers use the Lexmark interface, so the instructions for printing a configuration page (or menu settings page) from an ST printer will be similar, if not identical, to the instructions for some Lexmark models.

- ST9530
- ST9630

HP LaserJet P1006

The HP LaserJet P1006 is a black and silver printer that makes a nice change from the usual beige or gray ones on the market. Its a mono laser printer that is aimed squarely at home users or SOHO applications. The design is functional, compact but reassuring, the black and silver making a nice statement on a desk in a small office somewhere.

It performs well too. The LaserJet P1006 produces prints at 13 page per minute, which is a little short of the stated 16, but not as much of an exageration as many laser printers out there. It was easy to set up, merely unpacking it, inserting the toner and plugging it in. The driver install was a breeze and only took a couple of minutes. The package contains software tools to change the print, add watermarks, and lots of other little things that add to the functionality of the device.

The print quality is pretty good, even 3pt fonts. Text reproduction is the strength of the LaserJet P1006 with strong lines, even spread and sharp corners and edging. Image quality when printing graphs and photographs is good enough for leaflets or brochures, with only a little dithering on larger images, but nothing to detract from the overall quality of the device.

The paper drawer is at the bottom of the machine and can handle up to 150 sheets. There is also a 10 sheet multi-purpose paper handler and manual duplexing. Both the drawer or the handler can cope with different sized media, including envelopes and postcards.

The printer is supplied with a "starter toner" which will print around 700 pages. The standard replacement toner can print approximately 2000 pages before needing replacement. At $49, the standard black is competitlvely priced and offers a lower cost per page than many other manufacturers on the market.

Overall, the LaserJet P1006 is a solid performer. The design is small, neat and quite cool. The capabilities are easily on par with other printer much larger and more expensive than this one. For the home or home office user, the printer is a good choice. The instant-on facility is handy for those of us with little patience and the toner saver mode can make cartridges last that little bit longer without really compromizing print quality. A sound investment for those who need style and substance.

HP DeskJet 3740

I bought this printer a year ago and I have yet to experience any issues with its. So far it has just proved to be a perfect printer to fulfill my home needs and requirements. The HP DeskJet 3740 is not only easy to set up but at the same time it is also easy to operate. It does not have multiple buttons to turn it off or on. This can be done through a single button which is clearly marked with signs and lights. All the buttons are large and fixed at a logical distance from one another. This is the best thing I noticed about it and it really leads to the convenience of the user as it is easy to press the wanted button rather than mistakenly pressing something else like cancel.

It also saves time and money via its onscreen canceling buttons. If there are some extra pages which are not needed to be printed, they can be canceled even at the eleventh hour without jamming the machine. One thing I love about it most is the notice it shows on the screen for ink level indication. Therefore there is hardly any time when I am not aware of my ink level thus saves me running out mid print.

It gives 5 choices for print modes which include fast draft, fast normal, normal, best and maximum dpi modes. This results in selecting the task optimized results according to the required speed and quality. The single color cartridge offers a perfect black print while the 4,800 optimized dpi colors produce excellent color photos. The sheet tray holds about 80 extra sheets which save time and space. The printing speed is also plenty quick enough for home use at up to 10 color paper prints per minute while black and white prints can be printed at 14 papers per minute.

This simply designed printer is highly affordable and therefore ideal for home use to print out photos or whatever. This light weight machine can be easily moved wherever you need to. I can carry it easily to my bedroom or office. Its silent mode is highly commendable therefore I can even operate it when my kids are asleep, the noise is hardly noticeable.

I have used it for some time now and I can say that I have had no problems with it whatsoever.

Brother MFC 8480DN

There are more choices of multifunction devices than I ever thought possible now. A bewildering array of multifunction’s both color and monochrome to fulfill almost any need or business. The Brother MFC-8480DN has just complicated things further.

While not the prettiest of devices, the MFC-8480DN is all about function. The overlapping scanner and copier flatbed protrudes over the body a bit, but this is necessary to add the full features to a small chassis. The 250 sheet capacity paper drawer is solid and moves freely. There is also a 50 sheet multi-purpose tray on top and the option to add a second 250 page paper tray in the body.

Setup is just a matter of unpacking, connecting the cables and toner then installing drivers. Our test machine was up and running in no time. There are drivers for Windows, Mac and downloadable ones for most flavors of Linux. Once up and running the operation was smooth and quiet.

Performance was impressive too. Monochrome prints began appearing a mere 18 seconds after being switched on. Once warm, text prints came out at an impressive 32 pages per minute at the standard 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. Reproduction was good, with strong bold colors and clean lines. Image production was also good with impressive grayscales and only a couple of gradient errors when studied close up. Nothing that would give a business user cause for concern though.

The automatic duplex printer is a great feature. Although it lacks the duplex automatic document feeder to compliment it, the performance is excellent and a great feature.

The consumables are easy to manage and replace. The cartridge is readily available online and are quite good value for money. A single high yield toner cartridge is good for 8000 pages and retails at only $35 at

The MFC-8480DN is a solid, middle of the road performer, that will still be working quite happily long after many, more expensive printers have been retired. Ownership costs are low enough to be as attractive as the feature set, and the reproduction is of a quality to suit all business needs. The printer market, just got a little bit more complicated.

Samsung SCX 5530FN

If you’re looking for a multipurpose, multi tasking printer, scanner and copier which features high quality prints and scans, is fast and reliable, works efficiently, has speedy networking capabilities and can adequately handle tasks both large and small, then the Samsung SCX-5530FN is an ideal option. This printer not only prints, it can generate scans and copies too. It has especially been designed to handle larger projects such as those demanded by people in a work place, a busy office and so forth. In a nutshell, this unit is one that will save time, money and space for any demanding office or small business.

The Samsung SCX-5530FN is capable of printing out the first page after minimum start up and warm up times of about 9 seconds. After this the speed of printing picks up and runs at a steady speed of an average of 28 pages per minute. One of the many reasons for the success of this multipurpose machine it’s the simplicity of its working. To start its functioning, all users need is one data cable, a phone line and a power outlet. Once these requirements have been met, the Samsung SCX-5530FN can be used for laser printing and faxing, color scanning and digital copying of high quality and great efficiency.

Being built primarily for heavy duty office and small business use, this printer has been built in with a large paper holding capacity and is offered with additional trays to further enhance this important feature. Its standard input paper capacity is a drawer that can adequately hold up two hundred and fifty sheets of paper which can be increased to three hundred sheets by inserting a sheet bypass capable of holding fifty sheets. Furthermore, the output collection drawer can adequately hold about two hundred and fifty pages at a time which means that users can go on printing without having to worry about the pages running out midway in a task.

Color scanning with the Samsung SCX-5530FN is also popular and known for its brightness, richness in color, sharpness and accuracy. It scans at a resolution of 4800 dots per inch and with its high speed internet connection and USB feature, users can also scan a document directly to email or circulate it throughout the office through the networking feature. Many additional features are also found in these printers which further enhance its functioning such as automatic duplex printing and more.


Océ VarioPrint 1065 page count

To see the page count for a VarioPrint 1065 copier, press the Status and System button (the button in the upper right corner of the operation panel, next to the icon of a stack of paper and a couple of gears -- right above the Help button).  The page count will be displayed on the screen, labeled "Total."

Kyocera Mita KM 2530

The multifunction device is becoming more and more popular as wallets are tightened and devices off much more, for less. The Kyocera Mita KM-2530 is one such multifunction, and a strong entry into the marketplace. This is a full multifunction offering printing, copying, scanning and faxing, all from one modest body.

The Kyocera documentation says this printer will produce up to 25 pages per minute at a standard of 600 dpi, that can be software enhanced to 1200 dpi. The print quality is good, with no visible bleeding, naps or errors on our test document. The document is a mixture of text, images, graphs and photographs which pushes each devices as far as possible. Scanning and copying also produced credible results with good toner coverage on copies and fine detailing on both.

There is the option to have an automatic duplexer as well as document feeder, 3000 paper deck, printing, scanning and faxing. Yes that’s right. The KM-2530 is a copier first, and everything else second, as an option. The model we tested had the printer and scanner included which is why we are able to comment on them. There are also the options of paper finishers, staplers, network features like fax to email, network management and other tools.

The control panel is clear and easy to follow as there is a clear blue LCD screen which displays messages, errors and menu choices. This is one of the clearest screens we have tested so far and makes using the KM-2530 a breeze. The menu system is also pretty straightforward, including an all-important back button, which so many other manufacturers seem to miss.

The standard paper capacity is a respectable 1200 sheets, which can be expanded to 4200 with the aforementioned paper deck. A replacement toner costs around $105 from and will be good for 34000 pages. A drum will last around 400000 pages and is subject to a Kyocera guarantee. They guarantee it for the 400,000 sheets or three years, whichever is first. That kind of service significantly reduces the cost per page compared to its rivals. The KM-2530 is a good quality product. It has been well thought out and implemented. The long life and fair price of cartridges makes the cost of ownership and cost per page reasonable. The longer life and extended guarantee of drums make this even cheaper.

Lexmark Optra T614

The Lexmark Optra T614 is another contender in the mono laser printer marketplace, aimed squarely at the small or home business.

At 25 pages per minute, the T614 is quick enough for most office needs. The prints themselves are reproduced in high quality up to 1200 dpi. Text is clear, with crisp edging and good, accurate fill. Image quality is better than you would expect from a laser printer, especially one priced as keenly as this one. Images were clear and accurate, with no visible banding anywhere to be seen. We mean accurate to be understood as there was toner where there was supposed to be, and not where it wasn’t. Some printers can be a little haphazard with coverage, no such worries with the T614.

With good memory, a decent 200Mhz processor and good quality printing, you would expect to pay significantly more for the T614. The 500 sheet standard paper tray is expandable to 650, a further 50 sheets can be added to the 100 sheet multipurpose tray, and the output tray is enough to cope with 500 prints. With all these being expandable handling large print jobs is something the T614 can do with ease. In fact this printer has a duty cycle of 25000 pages per month.

High yield cartridges can last up to 25000 pages. This will either last the home user an incredibly long time, or serve a much bigger group of users. Installation is simple, just connect the parallel, USB or serial port and away you go. There is no network port as standard although it is an option. The Lexmark drivers are installed in minutes, without any problems whatsoever.

The software package adds a lot of flexibility to the T614. You can manipulate prints, change the colors, tone and resize, add overlays and a whole host of other things. This software is another strength of Lexmark, as they seem to include them with all their devices.

The T614 is ideal for users who want a printer that does exactly what is says on the box. It can easily cope with almost anything you throw at it, even complex photographs. The consumables are easily obtainable through online retailers like making this a cost effective as well as quality solution.

HP LaserJet M3035 MFP usage page

To print a usage page from a LaserJet M3035 MFP:

- On the touch screens main menu, scroll down to Administration and select it.
- Select Information.
- Select Configuration/Status Pages.
- Select Usage Page.
- Select Print.

Kyocera FS C5250DN page count

To see the total page count for a Kyocera EcoSys FS-C5250DN printer:

- Press the Menu button.
- "Counter" will be displayed on the screen; press the right arrow button (the one with the "?" icon next to it).

HP Color LaserJet CP4025 usage page

To print a usage page from the Color LaserJet CP4025:

- Press the down arrow button until "INFORMATION" appears on the screen.
- Press the OK button.
- Press the down arrow button until "PRINT USAGE PAGE" is displayed.
- Press the OK button.

Panasonic PanaFax UF 990

The Panasonic PanaFax UF-990 is a plain paper laser fax able to perform computer printing and scanning for business needs. It is one of the best fax machines from Panasonic, offering users with dual-line transmission quality. These days it is impossible to do the business tasks with the help of email and digital files and this is where faxing comes in. It is so much easier and with the help of Panasonic PanaFax UF-990. Users have the ability to take advantage of an integrated communication device which you can plug in to a computer or a networked computer and then start managing all the document communications.

It is the ultimate solution for high volume document transmission. It has a print speed of 10.2 pages per minute and a scan speed of 0.9 scans per minute. It is manufactured and built with a built-in parallel interface which is once installed then the printer driver on a computer transforms in to more than just a fax machine. It transforms into a laser printer offering 600 x 600dpi resolution. It’s fax transmission speed is about three seconds per page and its print technology is laser. It has an automatic document feeder but no answering machine. It can enlarge copies up to 100% and reduce them up to 70%. Its fax speed is 33600 bps broadcasting in 270 locations. It is without a handset and has on hook dialing.

The Panasonic PanaFax UF-990 can also function as an image scanner transforming paper documents in to computer data by scan to file using sharp with 400 dpi resolution. The other features that are included in this machine are picture and text recognition, edit file mode, receive collation stack, check and call, remote diagnostics, fax forwarding, distinctive ring detection, ITU-T sub address tx and an optional telephone handset. The operating systems that it supports are Win 9.x, Me, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. In order to achieve scan to email features the computer must be operating on a MAPI compliant email program. Customers when purchasing the product will receive a power cord, telephone cable, autodial key labels, an operation manual, a paper tray, output paper tray, print cartridge and bundled Panafax Desktop software. So if customers are looking for a super G3 33.6 kbps fax modem which transfers a high quality complete page photo in as little as three seconds then Panasonic PanaFax UF-990 is the machine for them.

Canon imageRUNNER 3045 configuration page

To print a config page from a Canon imageRUNNER 3045:

- Press the Additional Functions button
- On the touch screen, select Report Settings
- Select Network
- Select the box to the right of User Data
- Select Yes when asked to confirm your selection

Brother MFC 8840D config page

To print a configuration page (called a "user settings list") from an MFC-8840D:

- Press the Menu button.
- Press 5 for Print Reports.
- Press 5 again for User Settings.
- Press the Start button.

Brother MFC 7340 page count

On the MFC-7340, you can view the machines page count right on the screen, without having to print out a user settings list.  To see the page count:

- Press the Menu button
- Press 4 for Machine Info.
- Press 2 for Page Counter

Brother MFC 7225N configuration page

To print a configuration page (called a user settings list) from a Brother MFC-7225N:

- Press the Reports button.
- Press 5 for User Settings.

Xerox Phaser 6200 configuration page

The configuration page for a Phaser 6200 (or Phaser 6200N) contains a lot of information.  It shows the printers page count, serial number, installed memory, firmware version, and network settings, plus much more.  To print the config page:

- From the main screen, press the down arrow until "Printable Pages Menu" is the highlighted choice.
- Press OK to select it.
- Scroll down until "Print Configuration Pages" is the highlighted choice.
- Press OK.

HP Envy 110 Manual

HP Envy 110 Manual  - 

Table of content for the HP Envy 110 Manual as follows:
  • HP ENVY 110 e-All-in-One D411 series Help
  • Get to know the HP ENV Y 110 series
  • How do I?
  • Print
  • Copy and scan
  • Use Web Services
  • Send and receive faxes with eFax
  • Work with cartridges
  • Connectivity
  • Solve a problem
  • Technical information
  • Index
HP Envy 110 specs and features:
  • Draf mode: mode: Color Input/Black Render: 300x300dpi and Output (Black/Color): Automatic
  • Normal Mode: Color Input/Black Render: 600x300dpi and Output: 600x1200dpi (Black), Automatic (Color)
  • Photot best mode: Color Input/Black Render: 600x600dpi and Output (Black/Color): Automatic
  • Max DPI mode: Color Input/Black Render: 1200x1200dpi and Output: Automatic (Black), 4800x1200 optimized dpi (Color)
  • Digital image processing
  • Twain-compliant software interface
  • 3.5-inch touchscreen control panel
  • support USB drive and card reader port
  • And many more
Download manual from here: HP Envy 110 Manual (English) 

Dell 1815DN

The Dell 1815DN is another printer is a series of releases from the computer giant of late. This device is a relatively inexpensive monochrome laser printer, with multifunction built in. It can duplex print, scan, copy and fax all from one modest chassis.

This is a printer that would suit a small business or home office with a small workgroup. It isn’t built like the 3115cn to serve larger organizations, but excels in its niche. Versatility is one of the mainstays of this machine. It can print good quality monochrome pages at up to 25 pages per minute at 600dpi, scan from USB stick, it supports Windows and Mac and the copying and faxing aren’t bad either. It can be networked or run from USB and cope with up to 25000 pages a month.

The 1815DN comes with a 300 sheet paper tray, with the option of increasing that to 550 with an extra tray purchase. Toner cartridges are easily replaceable after they have served their 5000 page life. They are reasonably priced too at an approximate cost of $57 each. This helps bring the cost per page down much lower than many of the other leading printer manufacturers.

The control panel is simple and straightforward with decent sized buttons and a clear LCD screen. The menu system is intuitive with forward and back buttons making commands easy to find.

Underneath the control panel is the paper output tray. Having it integrated into the chassis makes this a very convenient and compact printer. No side trays, or top trays to worry about here. It even has a little slideable shelf to ensure prints longer than legal sized won’t end up on the floor. A well thought out addition we thought. The only limitation with this output tray design is that it limits the prints to 150 sheets before it fills up. Seeing as the capacity is 300-550 sheets, this seems a little one sided.

The print, copy and scan qualities are excellent. Prints and scans are around 25 pages per minute according to Dell, with color at 18. Scans are an impressive 4 sheets a minute. Copy speed is one of the most impressive in its class, with monochrome copies coming out at 12 pages per minute.

The fax is an oft overlooked feature in a multifunction device. Sometimes it seems as though one was added only as an afterthought. On the 1815DN though, the fax is fully integrated and fully functioned. Faxes can be sent from or directed to specific email addresses, it fully supports secure transmission and it can be coupled with an answering machine and decide if an incoming call is voice or data. As well as the usual fax tools, these are useful to have.

The 1815DN is a solid performer. Ideal for the small or home business who wants a good quality multifunction printer at a decent price. Consumables are reasonable and the printer won’t cost a fortune to own.


Dell 3130cn Review


Getting a high quality color printer for your personal or business needs no longer requires emptying your bank account.  Prices have decreased to the point where just about anybody can now afford a quality color printer.  The Dell 3130cn duplex color printer is a good example of this.  The Dell 3130cn color printer is designed for large workgroups in a networked environment, and offers a combination of speed and quality while still remaining energy efficient. 


The Dell 3130cn is fast.  With print speeds of up to 30 pages per minute in black and 25 pages per minute in color, you can get a lot done in a short amount of time.  An automatic duplexer comes standard with this machine, allowing you to print on both sides of paper and helping you and your organization save time, money, and resources.  The 3130cn also comes with a comprehensive software suite that allows IT administrators to set printing access rights, set print volume limitations, and track exact usage.  In addition to being fast, the Dell 3130 is also energy and resource efficient.  This printer supports the use of recycled paper and, with an Energy Star® certification, the 3130 printer is up to 25% more efficient than other conventional models.  Dont let this printers efficiency fool you though; its printing quality is excellent.  With a print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, your text is extra-crisp and your graphics come out looking like the real thing. 


The Dell 3130cn is not the smallest printer out there and has been described by some users as being too bulky.  With dimensions (W x D x H) of 15.8 x 19.8 x 18.5 in and weighing in at a whopping 55.7 pounds, you may find this printer too large for your limited space and too heavy to move around frequently.  In addition to its size and weight, some users have mentioned that the 3130cn prints colors that are too dark, which might pose a problem for graphic designers or others who need extremely precise and accurate screen to paper color replication.   Another inconvenience is the fact that the Dell 3130cn does not come with wireless connectivity as a default. A wireless network adapter (IEEE 802.11b/g) is not included in the standard price of this printer, and must be purchased as an upgrade for an additional $99.99.  With wireless networking becoming the new standard in homes and offices, Dell really should throw this feature into its standard offering at no additional cost.  

Xerox Phaser 3600 – All You Need For Your Office

Are you looking for a reliable printing solution for your small or medium sized business or work group? If the answer is yes, Xerox Phaser 3600 is ideal for your needs. It can be characterized as a printer which works fast, efficient and affordable, so you should not be worried about your printing jobs. Even though you buy this printer for printing large volumes, you will see that the 200.000 pages per month duty cycle will pay off. The 128 MB memory is upgradable to 512 MB and it can be connected to the internet through the network ready interface or by using the Wi Fi connectivity, even though Wi Fi is an optional feature. It also has a 1 year warranty. So, if you have any type of monochrome printing needs and you are the owner of a small to medium sized business, Xerox Phaser 3600 is all you need.

You will need to people to put it in a position and it probably won’t fit on a standard desk. However, it can stay very comfortable on a shelf or table. Its dimensions are 15.7 x 18.8 x 15.1 inches and its weight is around 39 pounds. That is the reason why you will need two people to carry it.

Troubleshooting is a very simple task because Xerox Phaser 3600 is very simple to set and use. The standard warranty is one year, but because of the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee, if you do not like how this printer is working, you can simply replace or Xerox will repair it.

The printing speed is high, 40 pages per minute. 40 pages per minute is a high speed, we can even say that is a laser speed. Because of this fact, you should not be scared that the large printing jobs will not be finished in time.  The printing resolution is 600 x 600 dots per inch and the enchanted image quality is maximum 1200 x 1200 dots per inch. You can upgrade the standard memory from 128 Mb top 512.

The standard paper tray can hold 500 sheets and the multi purpose one can hold 100. You can add another tray that can hold an extra 100 sheets.

When it works, it is not quiet at all. Do not buy it for a workstation or a conference room. It doesn’t have duplexing feature. Also, it wasn’t made for graphic designing because it can only print in B & W. Another disadvantage would be that the wireless connectivity is an optional feature.


Kyocera KM C2520

The Kyocera KM-C2520 is a printer with excellent features and specifications that allow the users to perform various functions and receive quality documents. After reviewing the features of this machine I finally selected it for my office but soon it proved to be the perfect match for my needs. The Kyocera KM-C2520 fulfilled all my business needs and helped in producing the kind of quality documents I wanted for sending proposals to clients.

The fully equipped and stylishly designed Kyocera KM-C2520 can be adjusted anywhere and only takes up a small space in the office. The color multifunction printer was designed to fulfill the customer’s demands and provide them with excellent and superior results. This printer comes with the standard network print or scan and a 40GB system HDD. The Kyocera KM-C2520 is capable of imaging at the 600 dpi for crisp and corporate documents. With all the advanced and latest features and specifications, the printer is still easy to use and set up.

For the maximum convenience of customers, the function buttons are large and clear enough and enables the users to easily make use of them. The printer can easily handle large tasks and processes the documents quickly. The efficient handling and high speed of the printer makes the Kyocera KM-C2520 ideal for my official work and helps me manage my documents easily and quickly. The Kyocera KM-C2520 requires the use of black toner that is easily available in the market and its simple installation process will make the printer start running in minutes.

Customers purchasing the Kyocera KM-C2520 can also request for the optional finishing and optional fax network to fulfill their needs. The Kyocera KM-C2520 also has copying, fax and scanning options that make the printer more attractive for the customers and that is one of the main reasons why I bought it. The all in one printer saves the office space, time as well as costs that would have incurred if I were to purchase a separate machine for each function.

The Kyocera KM-C2520 produces 20 to 25 color pages per minute and its additional copying features include mirror image, border erase, rotate sort, split copy, full color and monochrome copy sets in the same run, electric sort, dual access, XY-Zoom and signature booklet making. You can request for the optional printer hard disk drive which will allow the document printing, private print, job storage, virtual mail boxes and proof and hold features.

HP Color LaserJet 2550 supplies status page

To print a supplies status page from an HP Color LaserJet 2550, press the Go (green) and Cancel (red) buttons at the same time.  A configuration page will print out with the supplies status page.

Samsung ML 2510 ML 2570 ML 2571N configuration page

To print a configuration page from a Samsung ML-2510, ML-2570, or ML-2571N printer, press the Cancel button and hold it down for about five or six seconds, then let go.

Dell All in One 946 test page

On Dells desktop 946 printer, you can print out a test page that can be used for adjusting or checking color quality, alignment, and image density.  The test page also includes useful information about the printer, such as page count, serial number, and the last error code logged.

To print the test page:

- Press the side arrow button on the printer until "Maintenance" is the active choice on the screen.
- Press the OK button (it has the check mark on it).
- Scroll to the side until "Print Test Page" appears.
- Press OK.

Canon imageRUNNER 5075 page count

To see the page count for an imageRUNNER 5075 copier, press the Counter Check button on the devices operation panel.  The total page count will be displayed on the screen.

HP LaserJet 4050n

I initially thought the HP LaserJet 4050n as a bit of overkill for my small workgroup of four people, but I wouldnt change it for the world. It was on sale and I knew Hewlett Packard were a good brand so I bought it on a whim.

Im glad I did, its capable, reliable, produces good prints and hasnt let me down since owning it, which has been a while. We print mainly draft documents for outsourced proofreaders so quality isnt our primary concern. However, even if it was, the 4050n would still deliver. The print quality is really good. The text documents we print even in normal mode is good, with straight lines, black being blacks and no smudging or anything in the white space. Pictures are almost as good, when we have to print a photograph or something the print comes out very detailed. It is a black and white printer, but it translates the colors into those shades of gray really well. It makes sense when you see the original and also stands on its own two feet if you dont.

The 4050n is also easy to look after. There is a flap at the top which you put the cartridges in, and it also lets you see the whole path the paper takes. So on the few occasions we get a jam, its really easy to free it up. Considering the amount we print, thats really handy! Talking of cartridges, they are very easy to replace too, simply clipping into place. A normal one will last for around 10000 pages, whereas the high yield one can last 15000.

We have this networked and use the printer server to work from. That means we can do everything from the desktop and dont have to all hover over it while were working. The software is intuitive and easy to work with. The menu structure is simple and easy to follow. As is the menu on the little control panel on the printer itself. Three LED indicators show the status, the activity and any errors. The buttons on the right let you navigate the menu.

The HP LaserJet 4050n is a great printer, especially for someone like us who print a lot. Its black and white and not color, but we didnt need a color one. Its reliable, reasonably quiet, economical to maintain and easy to manage. What more can I say?

HP LaserJet 1012 demo page

To print a demo page from a LaserJet 1012, simply press and release the green button on the printer.  The demo page (which just gives a basic description of the printer and its features, along with a picture of the printer and a picture of a zebra) will print out.

OkiData C5200n

To call the Oki C5200n a laser printer is a bit of a misnomer, as it actually prints using LEDs instead of a laser. It isn’t the only brand to try this, and like the others, it makes the new technology work.

For all intents and purposes the C5200n works exactly like a laser printer. It uses paper and toner in the same way, prints at the same speed and needs to warm up the ink before use. The only difference is the light technology that imprints onto the paper. LEDs are no cheaper than laser, but they run cooler.

The single pass printing process is a feature most common in much more expensive printers. It allows for a much quicker print time, which is reflected in the 24 page per minute print speed in monochrome and 16 pages for color. This is much quicker than competitors from Brother and Lexmark at similar price points.

The text print is superb. Whatever size point you use, the edges are clean, spread is even, and black looks black. Color printing is almost as good, with graphs being particularly worthy of note. Colors appear accurate and unblemished, with no bleeding at the edges. Talking of edges, they are some of the crispest you will find in a printer of this price.

Physically the C5200n is unremarkable. Its creamy putty color is unassuming and the controls and small LCD panel gives nothing away. The top opens like a clamshell revealing the toners and drum beneath. The light array is affixed to the top to prevent damage when changing the consumables.

The drums and cartridges all lift out to expose much of the machinery underneath. This makes clearing paper jams easy as pretty much the whole path is open for you to see inside.

Having built-in networking means the C5200n can be up and running in no time. There is also a USB port for single users, but it is at its best when part of a network. The machine is also upgradeable, the memory can be expanded to 256Mb and the paper capacity can be moved from 400 to 930 with the optional paper drawer.

The C5200n is more suited to a small workgroup or office than the home user, but will work well in most situations. It has enough features, and prints at a high enough quality to be able to flourish in any office.

HP DeskJet 970cxi

If you are looking for a color inkjet printer can efficiently handle printing tasks both large and small, at home or in the chaos of the office and you want all of this at a reasonable price, the HP DeskJet 970cxi is just the thing for you.

HP has designed this printer with numerous great features owing to which it has fast become a very popular item in the market. It is known for its efficiency, durability, speed, quiet working, rich colors, high resolution and adequate paper storage capacity.

Talking about its speed in terms of number of pages printed per minute, this printer works pretty fast given its size and proportions. Monochrome draft quality pages are printed at 12 pages per minute, normal quality pages are printed at 6.5 pages per minute and it can print 4.7 high quality pages in one minute. Color prints of draft quality are produced by the HP DeskJet 970cxi at ten pages per minute, normal quality are generated at five pages per minute and 3.1 best quality pages can be printed in a minute. Furthermore, warming up, starting time and delay in between printing of pages is also at a minimum in this machine.

The HP DeskJet 970cxi is especially well known for the high resolution and rich colors it brings out in its print jobs. High quality prints of almost any kind of document can be produced by this great printer on normal pages and even on glossy paper. A great tester of this feature is printing maps with directions to show how well it can print intricate patterns clearly. It will be easily attested by many that prints by the HP DeskJet 970cxi look sharper, brighter and overall more neat in their general appearance.

In addition to this, this efficient machine has many built in features to enhance its working and functions. Features include double side printing which can be taken advantage of by using a special module that is to be attached at the back of the machine and an HP Toolbox that serves multiple cleaning and maintenance functions such as calibration, cleaning and more without any manual support from users.

Other features for printing special types of documents have also been included such as those for printing mirror images, printing banners, posters, brochures, pamphlets and much more. One of the best things about this printer is that it works fast and efficiently without making much noise at all.